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Local Creative Highlight - Hannah Benedict, Photographer

Alpena, MI - June, 2022

For this month's local creative highlight, we approached Alpena native Hannah Benedict who has been growing her photography business in Holland, Michigan.

Hannah did not always have the intention of starting her own photography business, in fact, photography was once just a hobby for her. Once she realized being behind the camera was becoming more than just a hobby, she took her passion and turned it into Hannah Allyse Photography.

At The Sunset Project, we are committed to highlighting not just those who have found success in the Northeast Michigan region, but also those who are from the area and have found success elsewhere while still showing love for their hometown. Enjoy!


Hey everyone! I'm Hannah Benedict and the face behind the camera of Hannah Allyse Photography! I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer located in Holland, Michigan. But my heart will always find a home in Alpena, Michigan where I was born and raised.

My business started out as a hobby while I went to school for criminal justice at Alpena Community College back in 2014. Eventually, I switched gears and found that what was once a hobby was really my passion and created Hannah Allyse Photography.

Behind the camera is where I feel most comfortable and am able to express myself creatively. Documenting weddings, families, seniors, etc. is a way to preserve a part of your history for generations to come. Being able to capture moments in people's lives that they want to cherish forever will always be the drive behind what I do.

Breaking into the world of creatives can be daunting and confusing at first, but it's best when you do it with a supportive community behind you. I have many people in my life that have supported me and have taken the time to teach me and have helped get me where I am today, and I am forever grateful for them. If this is a path you are interested in or want to know more about let me become a part of your community and help you reach your goals!

Hannah Allyse Photography

Facebook: @hannahallysephotography

Instagram: @hannahabenedict

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