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Northeast Michigan Wellness Initiative (NEMWI)

Expanding Creative Advancement Opportunities and Ending Mental Health Stigmas for all of Northeastern Michigan

With the organization’s developing list of programs and projects, The Sunset Project provides a unique approach to expanding creative advancement opportunities and ending stigmas related to mental health in Northeast Michigan.

What is the Northeast Michigan Wellness Initative?

The Northeast Michigan Wellness Initiative (NEMWI)  is The Sunset Project’s direct response to a lack of community information, resources and understanding surrounding personal mental health and well-being. NEMWI encompasses all mental health related projects that The Sunset Project looks to develop and adopt: from in-school programs to community awareness events and beyond.


What Types of In-School Programs?

The Northeast Michigan Wellness Initiative (NEMWI) has recently partnered with the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) to help implement their “Ending the Silence” Program, a nationally recognized and evidence-based mental health awareness program targeting health classes in area high schools. This program is designed to educate young people about mental illness, reduce the stigma associated with mental health, and encourage those in need to seek help.


The “Ending the Silence” program involves a presentation by trained Sunset Prohect presenters, who share their personal stories of living with mental illness and offer information about the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions. The program also provides resources and information about how to get help and encourages young people to seek support if they or someone they know is struggling.

How Does this Benefit the Community?

Increasing mental health awareness among young people can have numerous benefits for a our community. Some of these benefits include:

Improved Access to Resources:

By increasing mental health awareness, young people can become better informed about the resources available to them and where to find them. This can help reduce barriers to accessing care and increase the likelihood that young people will seek help when they need it.

Support group

Stronger Community Connections:

By creating a supportive and inclusive community that values mental health, we can foster stronger connections and relationships between individuals and organizations, leading to a more resilient and connected community.

Life coaching
High School Friends

Better Mental Health Outcomes:

By providing education and resources about mental health, young people can become more equipped to manage their mental well-being and to seek help when they need it. This can lead to better mental health outcomes and a reduction in the prevalence of mental health conditions in the community.

Planting Trees

Decreased Stigma:

Mental health stigmas can be especially strong in rural communities, where resources and services may be limited. By increasing mental health awareness, we can help to reduce the stigmas that prevent individuals from seeking help and support, creating a more supportive and inclusive community.


Build a community driven toward the betterment of people.

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