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The Sunset Project highlighted on UpNorthLive 7&4 News, kicking off "May Is Mental Health Awareness Month"

Alpena, Michigan - May, 2024

Since its creation in 1949, May has been celebrated as "Mental Health Awareness Month" across the United States with the goal being to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and wellness in Americans' lives and to help eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness.

The month-long campaign encourages people to speak up about their experiences and share their points of view with others who may be struggling and also aims to raise awareness of suicide, psychological disorders, and the communities they affect.

This year, The Sunset Project had the privilege of being the topic of a feature article written by Miya Ingle, reporter for UpNorthLive 7&4 News and long-time friend of Sawyer Boyd.

This feature focused on The Sunset Project's mental health awareness programming, the co-founder's connection to Sawyer Boyd, and how the organization's work is impacting the local communities it serves. 

To see the transcribed version of this feature, please visit UpNorthLive's website at

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