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Our Programs

Since 2021, The Sunset Project has been committed to creating, developing, and implementing unique creative-based and mental health-focused programs to further its mission across Northeast Michigan.

The Sunset Project has since developed three core programs, each with it's own set of mission-driven projects support various aspects of Northeast Michigan.

The Sawyer J. Boyd Creatives Grant

Our lead creative advancement opportunity for aspiring youth aged 16 to 23 providing individuals with the purchase of goods and / or services to expand their creative passion, hobby, or career.


Our lead creative-based program focused on the development, implementation, and support of culturally enriching and placemaking projects in Northeast Michigan

Northeast Michigan Wellness Initiative (NEMWI)

Our lead mental health-focused program working to raise awareness, end stigmas, and provide education about mental health through in-school programming and involvement in various community events.

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