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2023 Donors and Sponsors Listing

Updated: Mar 6

Alpena, MI - June, 2023

Thank You For Your Support!

The following individuals, families, foundations, and organizations have made a financial contribution to The Sunset Project and its programs from June 1, 2022, through June 1, 2023.

Individual, Family, Foundational Gifts, and Community Funders

Jeff and Tina Konczak

Bracelet Sales Donation- Ashlyn Schaedig

Brian Winter

Annette Carlson

Bryan and Beth Strong

Allan Soros

Robert and Ann Hoitenga

Marc and Amy Ferguson

Pamela Agius

Alan and Melissa Gapske

Steve and Cathy Garant

Chad MacDonald and Amy Martin

Jackie Krawczak

Nancy Niergarth

Joseph Osbourne

Scott and Jessica Pilarski

Travis and Amy Swinson

Chuck and Shannon Sherwin

David and Sandra Blumenthal

Steven and Stephanie Richardson

William and Shellie Gohl

Bill and Marty Howell-Myer (Myer)

Rich and Lori Tucker

26th Circuit Court

Mary Peterson

Genevieve LaFleur

Stephanie Winslow

Bernie and Ruth O'Brien

John and Laura Caplis

Julie Hoppe

Lisa Hilberg

Ron and Margo Rinehart

Carol Boyer

Stanley and Michele Saddler

Randy and Kelly Skiba

Kathy Ingle

Norm and Judy Poli

Rudy and Jill Ruterbusch

Anne Gentry and Donald La Barre

Scott Parkham

Anthony and Britni Luongo

Darrin and Mary Lightner

Valerie Livermore

Thomas and Mary Atkinson

Mandi Boes

Jenny Dingman

Jean Schultz

Heidi Tweedie

Madi Mandelke


Nathan Beers

Alexis Anderson

Brandon Knox

Tyler Knox

Jennifer Calery

Steve Jakubcin

Hannah MacDonald

Richard Houchin

Allison Poli

Alayna Werth

Kara Bauer-LeMonds

Patricia Herron

Juliane Richards

Rylee Holek


Huron Blue Productions

Schulze Oswald Miller & Edwards PC

Re/max New Horizons

Life in Motion LLC

Dairy Queen of Alpena

Amy Elisabeth Photography

Grants and Contracts

Gold Level Sponsors

Silver Level Sponsors

Bronze Level Sponsors

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