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Local Creative Highlight - Amy Swinson, Photographer

Alpena, MI - December 2022

For December's local creative highlight, we are highlighting The Sunset Project's Board Member, Amy Swinson. Amy is a well-known and outstanding photographer local to Alpena, Michigan.

Amy began her business, Amy Elisabeth Photography, in 2010 and has been growing her love for her career path ever since.


I’m a wedding and portrait photographer in Alpena and have been photographing people since I started my business, Amy Elisabeth Photography in 2010. I’ve always been drawn to taking pictures from a young age and may have developed that passion from my mom who regularly had a camera with her wherever we traveled. It was in 2008 I knew I wanted to grow my photography skills beyond a point-and-shoot camera and purchased my first real "big girl" camera. That camera, a Nikon d80, fueled my passion for taking pictures that quickly took me from taking pictures of my kids and our pets to photographing families and high school seniors.

Venturing into creating a photography business in 2010 I found limited resources locally to help me advance and grow. The excitement of turning my hobby into a legit business left me craving to become more knowledgeable about photography in general but also driving me to become educated about the business side of things too. I attended as many conferences as I could, networking with other photographers along the way, reading photography blogs and so many photography books I could get my hands on. I learned along the way what worked in my business and what didn’t. I knew to always put my clients first and serve them with the best photography experience, always giving 110%. Even while creating beautiful images for them, for me it’s knowing they felt beautiful and that they mattered throughout the entire photography process.

Photography has always been a therapeutic outlet for me. Even though I’m creating pictures of people I barely know, it’s unbelievably rewarding for me when they see their photos and how happy it makes them feel. And in return THAT makes me happy. I have not only photographed special and beautiful moments for them but have given them a gift of memories they will treasure for many years. I know how valuable a photograph can be for every person I have photographed. By capturing time, and remembering that moment forever, there’s no greater way to immortalize emotions and preserve moments than through taking pictures. How amazing is that?

Today, my camera gear and I photograph wedding days and portrait photography such as high school seniors, sweet families, and maternity. I've also been known to create professional headshots for women entrepreneurs as well as mentoring other creatives like me wanting to grow their photography skills!!

The Sunset Project seeks to elevate every creative in the community regardless of subject or outlet. The ideologies and beliefs found within creative pieces are those of the artists, not necessarily The Sunset Project as an organization.

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