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Local Creative Highlight - Zachary Irving, Videographer

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Alpena, MI - April, 2022

Zach Irving is a local Videographer, Director of Photography, and Film Aficionado who has been operating out of the Alpena area for over 10 years.

After growing up in the Alpena area, and attending Alpena High School, he attended Flashpoint Media Arts Academy in Chicago, Illinois to purse his passions in film making and cinematic arts.

Upon graduation from Flashpoint in 2013, Zach began freelancing in the greater Alpena, constantly growing and expanding his business and experience over the years. In 2018 he took a leap of faith and established Irving Entertainment, right here in Northeast Michigan. Although many of his Flashpoint classmates chose to relocate to more heavily populated cities and counties, Zach’s dream was to bring his knowledge of the art of videography back to Alpena, and to share his passion by helping local people with their video needs.

From beautifully filmed and edited weddings, events, and personal videos to

professional and eye-catching commercials, documentaries and shows - Zach's passion is to create cinematic stories that engage people and reach their creative outlook in life.

Zach is now an Emmy nominated and international award-winning filmmaker

that has worked on multiple projects from organizations and companies such as PBS, FedEx, the US Army, and more. Irving Entertainment has grown into a full video production studio located in downtown Alpena featuring everything one would need to produce a professional project.

Zach is also currently working with film colleague Kara Bauer presenting an

“Intro to Film Class” hosted by the local non-profit, Art in the Loft.

The class takes students through 7 weeks of hands-on learning of the film and

video business, technology and tools used today, and the structure of

telling a cohesive story. At the end of the course students will be paired in

groups and will work together at Irving Entertainment's studio in creating their very own short film. Zach and Kara wish to grow a collaborative environment for

people new to film, or looking to learn something new in general!

If you'd like to contact Zach, or Irving Entertainment, please do so by visiting!

The Sunset Project seeks to elevate every creative in the community regardless of subject or outlet. The ideologies and beliefs found within creative pieces are those of the artists, not necessarily The Sunset Project as an organization.

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