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The Sunset Project

is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is committed to investing in the betterment of Northeast Michigan.
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Our Mission

To establish a community of individuals focused on fostering creative advancement while being a driving force for mental health awareness.

Recent Updates

The best place to find all of our upcoming projects, program updates, and featured articles about our work in Northeast Michigan!

Our Programs

Each of our three programs focus on unique approaches to supporting our mission.

The Sawyer J. Boyd Creatives Grant

Our lead creative advancement opportunity for aspiring youth aged 16 to 23 providing individuals with the purchase of goods and / or services to expand their creative passion, hobby, or career.


Our community investment program focused on the betterment of Northeast Michigan through the development, implementation, and support of creative-based projects.

Northeast Michigan Wellness Initiative (NEMWI)

Our lead mental health-focused program working to raise awareness, end stigmas, and provide education about mental health through in-school programming and involvement in various community events.

The Sunset Project Radio

A constantly updating playlist featuring our favorite hits, curated by our staff and friends!
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