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2024 Northeast Michigan Community Enhancement Survey

Updated: Mar 11

Alpena, MI - March 2024

The Sunset Project and Alpena Community College's PLS 222 State and Local Government course have partnered to survey community members on what they want to see as the Northeast Michigan Region develops.

The 2024 Northeast Michigan Community Outreach Survey is available electronically from Monday, March 11, through Friday, March 29, 2024, to anyone in the Northeast Michigan Region. The survey takes an estimated 20 minutes to complete, and all results are anonymous.


Click the button below or visit HERE to participate!


The results of this survey will be compiled and shared publicly in April to help local governments, organizations, and businesses better understand the community's wants and needs.

Tim Kuehnlein, Instructor of Political Science and History at ACC, who is teaching the State & Local Government course involved, comments that

"This project is a great way for younger generations to be a part of the conversation and to gather ideas to help make a difference in their futures and that of their communities. Working with Nick Poli and Gavin MacDonald at the Sunset Project is a real-life community impact experience for the students involved."

Kuehnlein continues, "There is no question that creating a better' sense of place' makes a difference in where people want to live, work, and play. Understanding what different groups of people would like to see happen with overall community development helps to shape public dialogue, inform officials, and enable any one person or organization to help make a difference in the spaces they care about most."

The Sunset Project has recently begun exploring unique approaches to community placemaking and will utilize the survey results to inform better the development of its programs, projects, and events across the region.

Also collaborating with this effort is Mary Ellen Jones, a Rural Regenerator Fellow with Springboard for the Arts. Springboard for the Arts is a not-for-profit arts service organization based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, committed to advancing the role of art, culture, and creativity in rural development and community building.


For more information about the survey, please contact:

Tim Kuehnlein, Alpena Community College

Phone 989.358.7310

Nick Poli, The Sunset Project

Phone: 989.884.3345

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