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Central Michigan University highlights The Sunset Project and its Co-Founders

Alpena, Michigan | May, 2024

Earlier this month, The Sunset Project had the opportunity to be highlighted alongside its co-founders in a feature piece by Jason Fielder with Central Michigan University's Alumni Relations.

The piece focuses on The Sunset Project's evolution from concept to establishment, and the important role that CMU played during that process.

“At CMU, we promise that students will learn to lead in life,” said CMU President Bob Davies. “That is exactly what Gavin MacDonald, Nick Poli, and Kevin O’Brien have done. Their passion and leadership have created something that will positively impact the lives of young people in the region they call home.”

Central Michigan continues to have a strong influence within The Sunset Project, as more than half of its staff and board members hold post-secondary or advanced degrees from the university.

“It gave us all great educations to start the foundation of The Sunset Project,” Gavin MacDonald, Executive Director said. “CMU also created a positive environment for us to be curious and explore, and it was the glue that kept us all together throughout this process and still to this day.”

To read the full article, please visit the Central Michigan University News webpage at or by clicking the button below!

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