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Local Creative Highlight - Isabelle O'Neil, Beautician

Alpena, MI - June, 2022

For this month's local creative highlight, we approached Isabelle O'Neil - a shining beauty entrepreneur from Alpena currently operating in the greater Detroit area.

Isabelle offers a very unique approach to her business model, incorporating ornate designs and styling into her work that gives brides an added level of beauty on their special day. Isabelle often participates in other non-bridal photography shoots as well, showing off he ability to be flexible and creative all in one sitting.

At The Sunset Project, we are committed to highlighting not just those who have found success in the Northeast Michigan region, but also those who are from the area and have found success elsewhere while still showing love for their hometown. Enjoy!


Hi there, I’m Isabelle O’Neil! I am a 24-year-old beauty entrepreneur currently living in Metro Detroit, MI though I was born and raised in Alpena, MI.

I own a bridal hair business where my focus is to make sure you look radiant and feel worry-free. My favorite styles to create are boho, romantic and timeless.

I began my business in January 2021 and have been licensed since 2018. When I was younger I would always be giving my dolls makeovers or I’d be the go-to stylist for my friends at school dances.

I believe that if you are passionate and dedicated you will have endless opportunities to pursue this field. My career is full of creativity, travel, learning, and making connections with amazing people. My goal is to continue making people feel their best and to help other beauty entrepreneurs pursue their dreams.

If you are interested in being a part of this industry please reach out to me. I will be more than happy to provide you with guidance!

Photos By:

Photographer: @erinschmidtphoto

Photographer: Becca Tipton

Photographer: @jessicacalf_photography

The Sunset Project seeks to elevate every creative in the community regardless of subject or outlet. The ideologies and beliefs found within creative pieces are those of the artists, not necessarily The Sunset Project as an organization.

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