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2024 Northeast Michigan Community Enhancement Survey Results

Alpena, Michigan - May 2024

In April, The Sunset Project and Alpena Community College's PLS 222 State and Local Government course partnered to survey Northeast Michigan community members to gain further insight into regional development wants and needs.

The survey, which took place electronically from Monday, March 11, through Friday, March 29, gathered over 300 responses answering a wide range of questions focused on personal interests, community involvement, and developmental projects across the region.

The results of this survey have since been compiled and organized by The Sunset Project and its partners into a downloadable document for all to access and review.

2024 Community Enhancement Survey Results
Download PDF • 418KB

In addition, The Sunset Project and its partners have participated in several presentations to address the results and help individuals gain more insight into their meaning. These presentations were attended by local public officials, developmental leaders, Alpena Community College Board of Trustee members, and more, all of whom provided their insight and spoke to the potential applications of these findings.

These presentations led up to the May 3, 2024 "Conclave of the Arts" event, organized by Tim Kuehnlein and supported by the Thunder Bay Arts Council. This event hosted over 40 individuals representing numerous Northeast Michigan-based organizations, all focused on the common goal of positive developmental progress for the region.

The Sunset Project plans to utilize these survey results to better inform its continued community placemaking-related programs and projects and to support its overall mission of making Northeast Michigan a better place for people to live, work, and recreate.


For more information about the 2024 Community Impact Survey, please contact:

Tim Kuehnlein, Alpena Community College

Phone 989.358.7310

Nick Poli, The Sunset Project

Phone: 989.884.3345

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